March 31, 2021


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      Excellent professional, always attentive to every detail and I as a client, always felt confident and satisfied with her work, with great expertise and experience in the processes in which she helped me, highly recommended!!!

      ethel salazar Avatar ethel salazar
      June 6, 2022

      Christine is your ideal lawyer for all your immigration needs. She’s always available, ever knowledgeable and very professional. I just finished my naturalization journey with her help and guidance. She made me feel confident about the interview and feel secure about the process. Really happy with her.

      msplear msplear Avatar msplear msplear
      May 27, 2022

      I went to Christine for my immigration process and naturalization of citizenship and she did a phenomenal job. Very attentive, professional and made the process less stressful for me. I highly recommend Christine.

      maria viramontes Avatar maria viramontes
      January 27, 2022

      Professional and knowledgeable.

      Daniel Sanchez Avatar Daniel Sanchez
      April 27, 2022

      Christine is a great lawyer, she handled my K1 Visa case and everything ran smoothly. She’s always available to answer questions and explains everything clearly. Her fees are very similar to other immigration lawyers. I can definitely say that if you’re looking for a lawyer to handle your K1 Visa case, she’s a great choice.

      Nathanna Raíssa Avatar Nathanna Raíssa
      December 11, 2019

      Ms. Christine was able to help me with my case. We knew it was a long shot but we finally received the outcome we were looking for. She is proffesional, knowledgable, and ontop of her bussiness. I'm very satisfied with her work. I can't stop telling my friends and family about the great job she did.

      Maria X. Pinales-Tapia Avatar Maria X. Pinales-Tapia
      March 16, 2021

      Christine was able to get my Daca granted even though I had a lengthy criminal history (no serious convictions) I definitely recommend Christine to anyone needing an immigration attorney.

      Alexis Rocha Garcia Avatar Alexis Rocha Garcia
      May 27, 2022

      Christine was absolutely amazing from the start of the process to the end, which was the approval of our case. Even with the Covid related delay, she never wavered in her commitment to our case. She was always available to answer all our questions via phone call, email or in person and was attentive to all the details required for the case to be approved. Please don’t hesitate to refer to her for all your immigration cases and inquiries, I couldn’t recommend her more highly. M.A & A.R

      Saadiq Rayyan Avatar Saadiq Rayyan
      March 27, 2022

      She's great help us thru the whole process and check on us to make sure we have everything we need thank you so much

      Miriam cavazos Avatar Miriam cavazos
      April 27, 2022

      Knowledge and experience combined with friendly treat.

      ivan veljic Avatar ivan veljic
      March 27, 2022

      I recommend Christine for any immigration purposes ,she helped some of my family members and myself. All I can say is she is amazing and I love the quality of her work !!!�������

      Dulce Pichardo Tucknott Avatar Dulce Pichardo Tucknott
      August 22, 2016

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I appreciate your goal of always working to create a better tomorrow.

      Cynthia Valerio Gallardo Avatar Cynthia Valerio Gallardo
      January 12, 2016

      Christine is an excellent immigration attorney who cares about her clients and achieving their desired goals. She speaks Spanish, is attentive to detail and easily accessible. I'm very pleased with all the great work she has done for my family and friends. I highly recommend her services for anything pertaining to immigration.

      Karen Hernandez Avatar Karen Hernandez
      August 12, 2017

      La abogada Christine es exelente abogada y sobre todo exelente persona siempre me redponde cualquier duda que tengo con amabilidad y me explica todo claramente ya van dos casos en que nos a ayudado gracias abogada.

      Zulema De Robles Avatar Zulema De Robles
      January 15, 2018

      Christine is truly passionate about what she does and works hard every day for her clients!

      Jackie Hein Avatar Jackie Hein
      January 16, 2016

      Christine is a vessel that God is using to help change the lives of people. You could see her dedication and strong work-ethic every time you step into her office for an appointment, she is highly passionate about what she does and I couldn't have asked for anyone else to have gone on this journey with my wife and I. My wife and I definitely recommend Christine for any immigration related issues anyone may be facing, she is highly trustworthy. Once DACA, now officially a U.S Resident, Thank You Christine

      Geo Adame Avatar Geo Adame
      June 22, 2017

      Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for walking me through this entire process! Christine went above and beyond her Lawyer duties she manage to calm my nervousness and kept reassuring me that it will all workout! Answered all my questions that I had about the filing for my green card and always made herself available to talk with me with any concerns I had! I wish I had found her 25 years ago! I am so happy that she was able to help me in obtaining legal status! I highly recommend Christine to help you as she is a well seasoned Lawyer that truly knows what she is doing and make it very easy to feel comfortable with her! May our Lord continue to Bless you and all that you do for for people like me and for your business to continue to be successful! ❤️🙏🏽

      Juliet Wade-Guy Kelly Avatar Juliet Wade-Guy Kelly
      May 14, 2022

      Christy is a wonderful, caring, and smart individual.

      Becky Rios Avatar Becky Rios
      January 12, 2016

      She is definitely the BEST! Strongly recommend her!!

      Cristina Rivera Avatar Cristina Rivera
      January 12, 2016

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      Enrique Ramos Gil Avatar Enrique Ramos Gil
      February 20, 2020