November Newsletter 2020

Presidential Election

We did it! Last month, we wrote about the incredible importance of the presidential election. Now, immigration advocates everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief and rejoice at the news that Joe Biden has won the presidency. This means we can likely look forward to four years of much more immigration-friendly policies, as well as a reversal of many of the Trump administration’s destructive actions toward immigrants.

President-elect Biden has outlined a number of key changes he will make in his first 100 days in office. These include:

  • More humane policies for refugees and illegal immigrants at the border.
  • Extension of the DACA program and a likely path to citizenship for DREAMers.
  • Reversal of the damaging public charge rule, which we have covered extensively.
  • And many more.

As always we will follow the president’s first days in office and keep you informed of all the latest changes to immigration policies.

And, for now, we will keep a sharp eye on the outgoing Trump administration in case it attempts to pass any more destructive policies.