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November 2022 Newsletter: A Stronger DACA

A stronger DACA 

As of November 1st, the Department of Homeland Security’s final rule to preserve and fortify Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) went into effect. Practically, this means that DACA is now based on a formal regulation, instead of a policy memorandum as it had been before. This has the effect of strengthening the standing of the program even while it is still mired in litigation.

As a reminder, USCIS still accepts and processes applications for deferred action, work authorization, and advance parole for current DACA recipients. However, USCIS accepts but cannot process initial DACA requests, due to the ongoing litigation. Initial applicants should file now anyway, because if and when the courts make their decision, these applicants will have a place in line for quicker processing than if they filed at that later time.

USCIS extends COVID-19 flexibilities 

In other news, USCIS again extended COVID-19-related flexibilities, this time through Jan. 24, 2023, to assist applicants, petitioners, and requestors. Check here for a list of these flexibilities.

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