January 2021 Newsletter

Happy 2021!

We hope this year will be a healthy and successful one for all of you.

While we may have hoped that the Trump administration’s last month in office might be a quiet one, it seems that this was too much to ask for. We all watched in horror as protesters broke into the Capitol last week and five people lost their lives. And yet, this is far from the Trump administration’s most destructive legacy.

In the four years Donald Trump was in office, he reduced legal immigration by 49%, made life extremely difficult for all immigrants both here, out of the country and at the border, and did irreparable damage to the United States’ reputation on the world stage.

Thankfully, we are already seeing a number of positive changes happening, including the reinstatement of the DACA program we discussed last month, the injunction against the public charge rule and the Democrats’ win of a majority in the Senate, which will make a more progressive immigration agenda possible.

As always, stay tuned to our newsletter and blog for an overview and analysis of the latest changes in immigration policy and how they affect you!