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December 2022 Newsletter: Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to You & Your Loved Ones!

I would like to wish everyone a joyful and safe holiday season, and a blessed new year. Let us hope that 2023 will bring more positive changes in immigration policy!

Read the latest news below.


Just this week, there was news of a potential compromise on immigration in Congress, which would provide DACA program participants with a path to citizenship in exchange for more funding for border security and other Republican priorities. Of course, the specifics are still unknown. Democrats are hoping to be able to pass this legislation before Republicans officially take control of the House of Representatives on January 3rd. With the way things have been stalled in Congress over the past couple of years, passing legislation in the next three weeks seems unlikely.

USCIS Application Recommendations

On another note, USCIS has issued a new set of recommendations for those filing applications in paper form to help avoid additional processing delays. The guidelines include things like not stapling or even paper-clipping documents to each other, and not folding any of the documents. With processing times already quite long, anyone thinking about sending in a paper application would be wise to review these recommendations.

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