Three Things You Should Expect from Your Immigration Attorney

Three Things You Should Expect from Your Immigration Attorney

There are a lot of immigration attorneys out there. How do you know which one to choose? Recommendations of family and friends are always a good way to start. In general, though, here are three attributes that separate great immigration attorneys from the rest. Look for these, and you’ll have a great attorney at your service.

Clear statement of fees up front

When working with an immigration attorney, you should know exactly what you are getting into. This means that you should be presented with an estimate for the fees you can anticipate, not only for the initial visit but for the process as a whole (within reason, unexpected things can happen). In addition to this, your attorney should be up front with you about your chances of a successful application and any risks involved. It is best to have a realistic understanding of the facts and possible issues that could arise.  

The right attorney will be honest and provide professional advice that makes the most sense in your case. They might tell you to wait two years before submitting your application and in the meantime to work on aspects of your life that will make an eventual application more likely to succeed. This level of caution and honesty, rather than willingness to take your money right away, is one of the signs of a great immigration attorney.

Effective, prompt communication

Good communication is the key to any good attorney-client relationship. You need to know that you can contact the attorney with valid questions and that they will be available for you.

Communicating timelines is very important, as is providing you with copies of the work done on your behalf. Immigration attorneys should be thorough in their work to ensure they are covering all bases and that no issues will arise. They should also be thorough in explaining the process to their clients, because educating them on the immigration process is a part of the service being provided.

Knowledge about recent developments in immigration law

Aside from the attributes below, it is very important for your immigration attorney to be familiar with the most recent developments in the immigration landscape. Particularly in this most recent administration, things have been changing quickly and there is a lot to stay on top of.

There are strategic moves that can be made to improve the likelihood of a successful outcome. Knowledge about current processing wait times, particularly for things like backlogs on the “family preference” application can also be of value in advising clients.


At Law Office of Christine Contreras, I think my clients can tell that I deeply care about their cases and that the quality of my work reflects that dedication. The quality of my work is very important to me, and my clients can see that. I am completely honest with my clients about their cases and any possible risks or downsides associated with their application(s). My clients know exactly what they are getting themselves into before we send anything out.

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