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November 2023 Newsletter: Upcoming Changes to U.S. Citizenship Test

Upcoming Changes to U.S. Citizenship Test

Green card holders aiming for naturalization must pass a civics test and exhibit English proficiency. The current test, established in 2008, is undergoing updates announced by the Biden Administration, set to be tested in the coming months and implemented by late-2024.

What to Expect

  • Currently, during the naturalization interview, applicants’ spoken English is tested by asking questions based on the information provided in their application, covering topics such as residential addresses and employment history. The proposed process would shift to having applicants describe photos depicting daily activities.
  • In the current test, applicants respond orally to civics questions from a list of 100 possible questions. The new test would require applicants to complete a multiple-choice civics test, demanding higher English and test-taking proficiency.

We will continue to provide updates and information on any changes to the U.S. Citizenship Test as they become official.

Green Card Backlog Updates

The National Visa Center (NVC) at the Department of State experienced a 14% increase in the immigrant visa backlog in October. However, the number of people scheduled for green card interviews also saw an increase — 41,812 in October compared to 38,755 interviews in September.

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