June 2023 Newsletter: DACA Update

DACA Update

In the news this month, the DACA program is back in the courts, with the U.S. District judge from Texas who previously ruled against the program now hearing new arguments against the legality of a revised version of the policy. There is no deadline for the judge’s decision, so there may or may not be more news on this soon.

Green Card Backlog Decreases by 3%

In other news, the green card backlog has improved slightly this spring, going from 409,021 to 396,877 cases, a decrease of 3%. This is always good news for green card applicants who are eagerly awaiting to hear back about their case.

New Immigration Law in Florida Causes Workers to Leave the State

Finally, we are in the midst of an interesting example of how anti-immigration policy can have significant negative economic impacts—in no place other than Florida. The state recently passed a comprehensive bill (Senate Bill 1718) that included many potential negative impacts for undocumented immigrants. Now, Republicans are finding that many immigrants are leaving the state, leaving key jobs in agriculture, transportation, and other important fields, leading some Republicans who signed the bill to speak out to immigrants and asking them to remain in the state. It will be interesting to observe how this situation develops from here.As always, stay tuned to our blog and newsletter for the latest in immigration news and policy! And if you need advice on your case, reach out to us today!