February 16, 2017

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Who is

Christine Contreras

Christine Contreras has over fourteen years of experience in matters relating to immigration law. She worked at numerous law firms with a focus on immigration law before deciding to open her own practice.  Her current practice focuses on the area of family-based immigration matters. She has assisted hundreds of clients in obtaining legal permanent residency via consular processing and adjustment of status. She has repeatedly been successful in filing and receiving the approval of hundreds of waivers that were filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Ms. Contreras received a Bachelor of Arts degree and her Juris Doctorate degree from DePaul University. She is an active member of several bar associations including the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois. She has volunteered her time and participated in numerous citizenship workshops, in addition to other workshops relating to pertinent immigration topics. She has also volunteered her time teaching English as a Second Language to the parents of elementary students in Chicago.

She is fluent in Spanish and English.

What We Do

And Why We Do It

At the Law Office of Christine Contreras, we are dedicated to providing assistance to people facing a variety of immigration issues. We are here to help find the answers and obtain the best solution for those affected by this complicated immigration law and system. The Law Office of Christine Contreras will do our best to explore the options and obtain a positive resolution.

We believe that helping to keep and reunite families is vital to the fabric of society, and particularly to the United States. Immigrants are invaluable to this country and to the maintenance of the economy in this country. For this reason, the Law Office of Christine Contreras is committed to providing the legal knowledge necessary to determine the options available to immigrants and intending immigrants.

We are committed to excellence while providing outstanding client service. We have over a decade of legal experience, an honest reputation and a tradition of aggressive and diligent representation.  Find out how our experienced legal team can assist you on the path to obtaining legal status for you or your family members.  We will fight for you and will do everything possible to help you reach your goal of obtaining or maintaining legal status.

A Word From Christine


I have practiced law for over 2 decades and am licensed to practice before the state and federal courts in Illinois. I am also able to practice immigration law in any other state within the United States. I have handled hundreds of different types of family-based immigration matters, successfully advocating on behalf of my clients primarily with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as well as the Department of State and U.S. consulates abroad. I have assisted thousands of clients in my many years as an attorney. I have presented and successfully argued hundreds of extreme hardship waivers of different types (unlawful presence, fraud, smuggling, criminal) with USCIS. I continue expanding my knowledge of immigration law and am an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. As the daughter of a Mexican immigrant and having personally experienced the immigration process from an immigrant’s perspective, I am extremely dedicated and committed to assisting the immigrant community in a compassionate and professional manner while providing quality legal representation. My father is the epitome of the American Dream and the reason I do what I do. He has worked so hard and made the most out of every opportunity presented to him. He is a prime example of the immigrant experience and how immigrants too can achieve the “American Dream.” I work hard and put my all into each and every case. I trust that my clients can see the dedication I put into each and every case that I deal with. The moral fulfillment I get from doing this job makes it all worthwhile.


I see my role as an immigration lawyer as an opportunity to change the world, one person at a time, one client at a time. I understand that my clients are entrusting me with their lives and that the outcome of my actions in handling that client matter could essentially affect this person’s life for the rest of their lives. I take this to heart and handle each case with extreme care.  I strive to be fair, honest and just while advocating on their behalf.  Immigrants deserve a chance to contribute and live in the United States, and I am here to ensure that this person has an attorney that will explore their options and help them obtain that “American Dream” if they are eligible.