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The Law Office of Christine Contreras provides a vast array of immigration services in family-based immigration to assist foreign nationals to obtain lawful status in the country. These services range from assistance in obtaining legal permanent residency, obtaining citizenship or obtaining several other types of temporary or permanent legal status. Call (773)-478-0372 now and schedule a consultation.

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Reuniting and Keeping Families Together

The Law Office of Christine Contreras is dedicated to assisting people navigating the complex immigration laws of the United States. Preserving and maintaining family unity is a cornerstone of our beliefs at Law Office of Christine Contreras. The United States is a country built on the foundation of welcoming immigrants. We believe in the important words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty which state, ..."Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." Immigrants form the core of this great nation. Our law firm welcomes you and will provide the assistance you require to explore your options for obtaining legal or lawful status.

At the Law Office of Christine Contreras, we believe that successfully addressing client needs requires compassion, empathy and honesty. We take on each case as a personal investment and fight for the best interests of our immigration clients. The Law Office of Christine Contreras strives to provide diligent legal advice and representation to our clients while assisting them in the complex immigration process. We hope you will entrust us to assist with your case.


As the daughter of a Mexican immigrant, Christine Contreras has personally experienced the complicated and extensive immigration process firsthand. Her father came to this country at the age of fifteen to have more opportunities and make a better life for himself. He has worked hard and has excelled in this country. Because of her background, Christine believes that everyone should have an opportunity to excel in this country as well and will help you explore your options for obtaining temporary or permanent legal status. Christine personally invests herself in each and every case, while giving her all to obtain a positive outcome for her clients.

Christine Contreras

Immigration Attorney

Christine Contreras has been practicing law for over two decades and has extensive experience in matters relating to immigration law. She has dealt with many facets of immigration law including family and employment-based immigration matters, including adjustment of status, immigrant visas, U visas, VAWA petitions, naturalization and citizenship, employment-based visas, removal proceedings, appellate matters and federal court litigation. Her current practice focuses on the area of family-based immigration matters. Ms. Contreras received a Bachelor of Arts degree, with an emphasis on political science, from DePaul University in 1997. She received a Juris Doctorate from DePaul University College of Law in 2000. She is an active member of the Illinois State Bar Association, Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

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  • Outstanding immigration lawyer with great staff. Christine has many years of experience which made the process of obtaining United States citizenship by naturalization extremely painless. She and her staff are always available for any issues. Office location is very convenient with plenty of free street parking. We are extremely happy with all the services that we received. We highly recommend attorney Christine Contreras for any immigration matters. Thank you

    Isam Nasr Avatar Isam Nasr
    April 4, 2024

    Just want to share my experience with Christine Contreras I met her through a friend’s recommendation and I am so glad that I accomplished I got married in January 2023 so my husband and I decided to start the process of a petition alien to USCIS and we decided to contact her for a consultation. She gave us all the information we needed to start the process as soon as we collected all the documents she requested we met her a couple of times before she sent my application to tell us how the process would be and how long time approximately the process would take. She is a professional in her job and she really knows what to accomplish according to her expertise, after she sent my application I received my SS and Work Visa after 3 months at the beginning she told us that the whole process would take around 17 months Surprisingly I received the notice for my interview after 10 months and fortunately, everything went well and my case was approved! Thanks to Christine and her law group for all the support in this process! Highly recommend!

    David Camberos Avatar David Camberos
    April 4, 2024

    Christine is literally the best of the best. Not only is she an expert, but kind, understanding and she guided me and Omar through his residency with ease. It can be an intimidating process, but with Christine, it is easy and she helped eliminate the anxiety and guided us through the process. Omar got his conditions removed from his residency card this month and is elated. If I could give 10 stars I would!

    Todd Doncourt Avatar Todd Doncourt
    February 11, 2024
  • I have nothing but great things to say about my lawyer Christine Contreras. She is professional, knowledgeable and consistent with her follow ups. Applying for residency can be stressful but she made the whole process easy for us. Couldn’t be more grateful !

    Michelle Herrera Avatar Michelle Herrera
    January 11, 2024

    Thanks to the Law Office of Christine Contreras, I'm a permanent resident. I received my green card from the start of the process to finish in a little less than seven months. Christine and her team are very well organized, polite, and gave us their best advice during the entire process. They kept us updated every step of the way, and any question that we had they answered right away. My husband and I are pleased and grateful for Christine and her team members' work. Thank you so much.

    Francis Alcalá Avatar Francis Alcalá
    January 11, 2024

    LOOK NO FURTHER!! Abogada Contreras has been handling my DACA renewal process for years now. You can count on her & her team every time!! I'd highly recommend her with any of your law office needs or questions. Thank you Abogada!!

    Ricky G. Avatar Ricky G.
    December 11, 2023
  • Estamos muy agradecidos con la Abogada Christine Contreras gracias a ella mi esposo obtuvo su residencia y también nos ayudó con todo el proceso de la ciudadanía y ahora Gracias a Dios y a toda la ayuda de ella mi esposo por fin es Ciudadano Americano, una excelente Abogada y persona.

    Fatima Gonzalez Avatar Fatima Gonzalez
    October 11, 2023

    Mi familia y yo estamos muy agradecidos con la abogada Cristine Contreras gracias a la abogada Cristine ,que me ayudo con el procesó de mi residencia asta mi ciudadanía le estoy muy agradecido, por todo lo que hizo por mi , la abogada Cristine siempre estuvo muy al pendiente de mi caso desde el principio asta el fin sin duda una excelente abogada y una excelente persona.

    October 11, 2023

    Estoy muy agradecida con los servicios de Law Office of Christine Contreras Especialmente con la Abogada Christine por su profesionalismo y responsabilidad con todo lo que hace! Yo ya había consultado a otras oficinas y a diferentes abogados e incluso me habían dicho que no iba a poder hacer ningún ajuste migratorio en mi situación porque necesitaba probar que había ingresado al país legalmente y no me habían sellado mi pasaporte y tampoco tenia mi forma I-94 así que ya había perdido la esperanza mas sin embargo conocí a Christine y ella me dio muchas esperanzas porque me dijo que ella me ayudaría a ajustar mi estatus migratorio y así fue! Su profesionalismo y responsabilidad además de los conocimientos de la ley de emigración que ella tiene me ayudaron bastante porque gracias a eso todo el proceso fue muy rápido recibí mi permiso de trabajo y mi seguro social muy rápido, estaba sorprendida con los resultados pero más me sorprendió fue que después de 3 meses de haber iniciado mis trámites con ella recibí mi tarjeta de residencia! Así que estoy muy agradecida con sus servicios y completamente recomiendo sus servicios! Muchas Gracias Christine y a su grupo de colaboradores!

    Maria camberos Avatar Maria camberos
    September 11, 2023
  • Great food

    Ali Alhwarat Avatar Ali Alhwarat
    September 11, 2023

    Christine thank you for representing my husband after being denied at his interview.I truly believe you are the best at what you do. I was very content how quickly you reply to me when I had such a difficult time and so many question, you always had the right answers and very patient.Thank you for bringing my husband back.

    Elizabeth carreno Avatar Elizabeth carreno
    July 11, 2023

    Christine is a professional and knowledgeable lawyer. She was attentive to every detail of my case. I highly recommend her for the expertise and commitment. I felt very supported every step of the way.

    Cindy Santaolaya Avatar Cindy Santaolaya
    June 11, 2023
  • Christine is very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone. She has helped my husband and I renew his DACA and has given us all the information we need to move forward with the AP process. His DACA renewal was also very fast and smooth. We got his card within a week or two after the application. We look forward to working with her soon!

    Karen Avatar Karen
    May 11, 2023

    Christine Contreras me ayudo arreglar mi situación en este país. El servicio que ella te ofrece es excelente desde el primer día. Gracias a Christine mi caso se resolvió en 4 meses. No te quedes con dudas si nesecitas ayuda has una consulta lo antes posible Yo la recomiendo 100 %

    Ana Santana Avatar Ana Santana
    May 11, 2023

    Christine para mi es una abogada muy excelente y muy professional. Ella me ayudo con mi caso muchisimo y no tengo palabras para decir como lo bonito que fue con ella. Ella sabe explicar muy bien las preguntas para que uno lo entienda muy bien. Con mucho mucho gusto yo recomiendo esta Abogada. Le doy miles de gracias por todo lo que hizo por mi.

    Esmeralda Martinez Avatar Esmeralda Martinez
    May 11, 2023
  • Christine is professional and knowledgeable. She helped resolve my immigration case quickly and effectively. Strongly recommend working with her.

    Dragan Dacic Avatar Dragan Dacic
    April 11, 2023

    Christine is very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone. We hired her to help us with my immigration status and the process was the fastest it could have been. She will provide very good advice, answer all your questions and guide you through a process that can be overwhelming. Thank you Christine!

    Daphne Agosin Avatar Daphne Agosin
    April 11, 2023

    Christine has helped my fathers case throughout the last couple years. Very professional and courteous.

    Sergio Zagala Avatar Sergio Zagala
    April 11, 2023
  • I have been going to Christine for my DACA renewal for the past 2 or 3 times and she has always handle my case with lots of care and professionalism. I received my DACA within 2 weeks this year. Truly appreciate her work and effort. Highly recommend!

    Ann Gutierrez Avatar Ann Gutierrez
    April 11, 2023

    Christine has been amazing with me! She has answered all the questions that I had about my case which included filing my DACA and AP application. Both applications went smoothly with her help. She is great at communicating and updating you via phone or email. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that would need her help.

    Maria Velez Avatar Maria Velez
    April 11, 2023

    I have DACA and with Christine I was able to obtain my advance parole. Christine is very professional and knowledgeable. I was confident from day one. I traveled to Mexico City and was able to visit my grandpa who’s very ill. I recommend Christine to any DACA recipient who’s thinking about obtaining their advance parole and any additional immigration needs you may have. Be assured you will have a great attorney at your side!

    jonathan lopez Avatar jonathan lopez
    April 11, 2023
  • My husband and I are beyond happy with Christine’s work. Always so efficient, professional and kind. If we need, we will definitely look for her again.

    Gabriela Piva Avatar Gabriela Piva
    April 11, 2023

    Christine was extremely helpful and understanding of my case. She took her time reviewing and finalizing all my documentation. I appreciate all her hard work and effort in this process. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance and doesn’t know where to even begin.

    Juan Carlos Baltazar-Hernandez Avatar Juan Carlos Baltazar-Hernandez
    June 21, 2022

    Excellent professional, always attentive to every detail and I as a client, always felt confident and satisfied with her work, with great expertise and experience in the processes in which she helped me, highly recommended!!!

    ethel salazar Avatar ethel salazar
    June 6, 2022
  • After a long search of Law Offices, I got recommended the Law Office of Christine Contreras. From day one Ms. Contreras was so helpful and very efficient, every time I had a question she answered right away. I couldn't believe I had my dream come true in less than a year.

    J. Ongay Avatar J. Ongay
    May 27, 2022

    Christine was able to get my Daca granted even though I had a lengthy criminal history (no serious convictions) I definitely recommend Christine to anyone needing an immigration attorney.

    Alexis Rocha Garcia Avatar Alexis Rocha Garcia
    May 27, 2022

    Christine is your ideal lawyer for all your immigration needs. She’s always available, ever knowledgeable and very professional. I just finished my naturalization journey with her help and guidance. She made me feel confident about the interview and feel secure about the process. Really happy with her.

    msplear msplear Avatar msplear msplear
    May 27, 2022
  • She's great help us thru the whole process and check on us to make sure we have everything we need thank you so much

    Miriam cavazos Avatar Miriam cavazos
    April 27, 2022

    Professional and knowledgeable.

    Daniel Sanchez Avatar Daniel Sanchez
    April 27, 2022

    I highly recommend Christine if you’re looking for a responsible and responsive attorney. She responded to my calls/emails without delay. I had bad experiences with another attorney before and Christine took on my case with her quick, attentive, and professional service. My husband and I are very happy and thankful for all the help and advice during the process of getting my green card.

    Lan Huỳnh Avatar Lan Huỳnh
    April 11, 2022

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